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The very first thing people do when taking up a new sport is to search for a place to learn. Hunting down the best instructors and the best centre isn’t always straight forward.

Like any sport, kiteboarding can be dangerous so making sure both the school and instructors are fully qualified is essential to have the smoothest and safest experience possible.

Wind Addict is an IKO Kite School and an IKO Center. This means our operation is internationally recognized and we can guarantee our students an experience that meets the highest safety standards in the industry.

Our lessons take place in one of the best rated spots in Miami: Stiltsville.

Stiltsville is a sandbar located in Biscayne National Park that offers all the ideal conditions to learn the sport: warm temperatures, flat and shallow reefless waters (2-5 feet deep) and no obstacles.

Our experience in the water for more than 13 years, having a qualified team (internationally certified instructors and US Coast Guard certified captains) and all the latest equipment, allows us to guarantee an excellent performance of the activity and the safety of our clients while learning to kiteboard.


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