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Manera - Bamboo Poncho v2

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Infos & Characteristics

Our bamboo Poncho has been considered the best for quite a while now. We did not make any compromise during its conception and used 550gsm high-quality fabric only.

We now offer a 30 percent lighter alternative for summer or for traveling, so we have designed the Summer Poncho with the same bamboo fabric in 380gsm.

We choseĀ bamboo fabricĀ for mainly two reasons: TheĀ Bamboo materialĀ has many great characteristics:

  • Ultra soft feeling
  • Absorbs water three to four times better than a regular cotton
  • Dries twice as fast as other materials
  • Naturally bacteriostatic
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic

Ā And a reduced impact on earth

  • Grows without fertilizers and pesticides
  • Bamboo farming needs four times less water than cotton
  • Absorbs 30% more CO2 than a tree, creates 30% more oxygen
  • Prevents deforestation: Can grow 1 meter per day
  • Prevents erosion because of its long roots.


Manera - Bamboo Poncho v2



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